My Route Panos are all made with seven or eight photos taken of a section of wall.

I blend the photos and adjust the color in Photoshop and print them on an Epson StylusPro 7800 wide format printer.

The 12 x 33 inch Panos show incredible detail and are quite impressive on a wall.

The 24 x 68 inch Panos are almost better than being there since you can stick your nose right up against it to check out the smallest details.

I ship the Panos in mailing tubes via the US Mail, shipping is included in the price.

I can do custom panos such as just that section of cliff with no line or anything. I can print just the line and in some cases I can put two routes on one Pano,

the charge for that last option would be full price for two of that size pano since I can't easily transfer information from one Pano to another.

Here is an example crop from the middle of the Zodiac Pano. (48 mb file)


Zodiac Sample

The Nose



New Dawn

Tangerine Trip

South Seas

Zenyatta Mondatta

Tribal Rite

The North America Wall

Iron Hawk

Reticent Wall

Triple Direct



Shortest Straw


Native_Son NJT Lurking Fear